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who we serve

Our subject specialist are top talent from top universities in South Africa and across the globe committed to helping our clients 24/7.We connect  students to the best and brightest minds, so they can get help exactly when is needed the most. This is done through our own awesome and user friendly technology while committed to adhering academic integrity standards. 

Undergrad students

Our team of will get you through those first years of University & make the transition from high school to Tertiary studies a breeze. The level of advanced material at University level can be tricky and become very stressful. Let us help you sail through those first 2 years and achieve the marks.

High School Students

We aim to give students the opportunity to learn at their own pace and gain confidence in their academic abilities, helping them develop a positive attitude towards academia. We have educators who have deep knowledge of the South African grade academic curriculum and University entrance.

Post Grad Students

The final years of any Degree are tough and the workload is pretty intense. By working with subjects specialists you will learn how to manage your time, navigate your studies and pass those exams. Need help with your Thesis and making sure you're on the right track? We cover that too.